American Government

PART 4: Senior Year


b) Knowing where I’m going to college

c) Be more social so you get out more

d) I don’t know if this directly effects me, but I think it is amazing!

e) ATC - Around The World 

f) I learned a lot from my internship. I feel more confortable coming into an office or professional environment and not to let anyone there intimidate me.

g) This year I’m proud of the fact that I was able to go to class most of the time, and still get all the work I needed to get done 


i) We artsy n shit

PART 3: Junior Year


b) All the SAT tutoring on saturday mornings

c)The Royal Wedding

d) Having to replace my ACL with my patellar tendon 

e) I remember learning about the begining of the college process. Ms Goodman came to us at the end of the year talking to us about writing classes for our college essays and workshops.

f) I’m very proud I didn’t let my knee surgery or my out of school stuff get in the way of my academic work.


h) “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present”

PART 2: Sophomore Year


b) I think the biggest difference is that I didn’t join crew the next year.

c) 2010 Haiti earthquake

d) I remember having Becker for the first time. I thought he was weird. He was my frist teacher to teach us how how to write better without a 5 paragraph format.

e) I’m most proud of the fact I got through my 1st knee surgery!


g) “try something new”

PART 1: Freshman Year


b) Obama Elected President as Racial Barrier Falls

c) I was on the Oakland Strokes Crew team. I remember I took one erg test right at the end of practice. My sister coached me at the end, she corrected my technique. She taught me to lift my hands at the catch (or the reach) of the sroke. So because I was so determained to finish then, that always stuck in my head more than what the coach taught me.

d) I might re-do what I wore in freshman year.


f) “10 meters to the finish line.” 

Assignment #18

1.The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States

2. The Fed was created in 1913. It was created to control the amount of money in circulation to contain inflation. They also set the interest rate for banks to borrow federal funds from them.

(The Fed districts for the US)

4.The Fed regulates financial institutions, manages the nation’s money and influences the economy. By raising and lowering interest rates, creating money and using a few other tricks, the Fed can either stimulate or slow down the economy. This manipulation helps maintain low inflation, high employment rates, and manufacturing output.

5. They claim that the Fed kept interest rates too low following the 2001 recession, and that this in turn prompted borrowers to be reckless. The housing bubble then led to the credit crunch.


I find this so interesting because it’s kinda like they have all this hope, but they don’t know what’s coming!

Assignment #17

-I just got my first credit card. I’m scared to use it, my ATM card is my safety blanket. Even then I don’t use it much cause I can’t always remember how much is on it before I go around charging things on it.

-“70% of American college students have credit cards, five of every six of those students do not know their cards’ interest rates” How can you not know the interest? Aren’t you told what the rate will be before you start using it?
"70% of them do not know what their over-balance-limit fees might be" They might not know their balance fee limit… until they hit it!
"725 students who took the survey in fall 2009 were business majors." Now that’s just sad.

-“It’s not just college students — it stems across the younger age group,” How young to do you have to be to get a credit card???

-“Of the 70% of surveyed college students who carried credit cards, more than one in three of those young people had two or more cards. About half claimed to use the cards only for emergencies, with 13% saying they used the cards frequently.” I think the second part isn’t true. I think people use their cards more than they realize.

Analyzing your Facebookishness


Mostly friends I’ve met out of school 

Assignment #16


1.”Well, $500,000 a Year Might Sound Like a Lot, but I’m Hardly Rich.”
2.”It is hard to ask more of households making $250,000 or $300,000 a year. In large parts of the country, that kind of income does not get you a big home or lots of vacations or anything else that is associated with wealth.”
3.”Come on, we’re all in this together! It’s not like I have infinite money.”
4. They think they know everything.

1. ”Hey, I Worked Hard to Get What I Have!”
2.”I used the tears as hair gel.”
3.”I’m not Paris Hilton! I work 70-hour weeks to make this salary!”
4.I think they spend their money so they can work less hours. Selfless?

1.”If I Can Do It, So Can You!”
2.”The road to wealth is paved with self-delusion.”
3.”This is the land of opportunity, where anyone can make it! Instead of complaining, just go out there and get rich!”
4. I think this one is the best example of how they’re selfish

1.”You’re Just Jealous Because I Made It and You Didn’t!
2.A few million donated to the right dinosaur-cloning company would totally change this man’s legacy.
3.”It’s wrong to tear down others instead of improving your own life!”
4.They THINK they’re doing the right thing.

1.”You Shouldn’t Be Punishing the Very People Who Make This Country Work!”
2. We can’t decide if the lightsabers should be lobbyists or lawyers.
3. ”If you punish success, society will collapse into communism!”
4. They need the underdogs

1.”Stop Asking for Handouts! I Never Got Help from Anybody!”
2. ”More soup? Next you’ll be asking to borrow one of my 12 golden Xboxes.”
3. “I pulled myself up by my bootstraps!” 
4. They tried their best?

Assignment #15c

1. 5 teen unemployment facts

  • 1/4 of 16-19 year olds are umemployed
  • mid 2008 14-18% unemployed
  • before the 2000s it was below 15% (this is most facinating to me because I would have believed that students would have felt more obligated to help their families, earn their own money and would have more free time compared to our busy, overworked scheduals that I feel we have now.)
  • teen unemployment could be effecting our futures
  • the teen unemployment rate has been over 20% since 2008

2. Effects

  • Early jobs in life teach us how to operate in a working enviroment
  • research shows that if it doesn’t cut into academic work, it can boost cuture earnings.
  • It teaches how to job hunt better in the future

3. Suggestions

  • keep minumum wages low
  • (opposite opinion) increase minimum wages
  • getting people to get a job
In my opinion, if students have the time and find a job that works with their schedual it is a good idea, but not required. Mostly if they need the work experience for the future.